INCI: Chlorphenesin

What is Chlorphenesin?

Chlorphenesin also is known as CHP in shorter form, is chemically a substituted chlorophenol group, synthetic preservative. It is a broad spectrum, solid state, water-soluble antimicrobial substance.   

Use & Benefits

It is active against harmful bacteria, fungi, and yeasts.  It is also considered a multivalent preservative, which carries a significance in terms of being used in any formulation since it can stabilize other chemical groups in the same formulation. It is also known as a cosmetic biocide, meaning it can cleanse the skin as well as deodorize skin by eliminating odor-causing bacteria. It stabilizes the preparation with the antimicrobial point of view plus it also has weak emulsifier properties. It can be called as a multipurpose ingredient of any formulation since when it is used in a product apart from serving the main purpose of the product, it also protects skin from other harmful bacteria, fungi or yeasts and at the same time stabilizes the main product as well. It is used in creams, lotions, gels, sticks serums, shampoos, conditioners, alcohol absolutes, makeup products, personal cleansing products, and foams.  It is used in leave-on products in concentration 0.3% and in rinse off product up to 0.32% concentration.

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