Chlorella Vulgaris powder


INCI: Chlorella Vulgaris powder

What is Chlorella Vulgaris powder?

Chlorella is a green microalga, versatile in growth and cultivation. It contains the majority of protein, polysaccharides, unsaturated fatty acids, lutein, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. 

Use & Benefits

Similar to another alga of the group, it is full of nutrition both internally as well as upon topical application it replenishes skin with missing vital components. It contains the most important antioxidants, which are essential to keep body and skin age-defying by fighting the free radicals. It is believed to stimulate collagen synthesis in the skin, tissue regeneration next thus reduced wrinkle appearance.  Chlorella Vulgaris powder is also used as an anti-pollution agent wherein it absorbs dirt and chemicals from the skin and gives its refreshing look, back. It is also used as pigments to give a green color to the product. It comes as skin creams, gel, eye cream, night cream, etc.  

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