Cetyl palmitate


INCI: Cetyl palmitate

What is Cetyl palmitate?

Cetyl palmitate is a fatty ester composed as a result of the reaction between Cetyl alcohol and palmitic acid. Palmitic acid is a naturally occurring long-chain fatty acid, as the name suggests from palm oil. It is naturally found as a primary ingredient in spermaceti, found from whale’s skull. It comes as white waxy flakes, with a faint odor.

Use & Benefits

It is fatty in nature and water-insoluble, meaning when it is applied to the skin it forms a waterproof layer on the skin, which is the main characteristic of a good conditioner. Also, it does not allow already present moisture to escape and keeps skin moist with its moisture reservoir. It also acts as an occlusive or masking agent, helpful in any formulation to give a visibly acceptable appearance of the product with different colors. It is nongreasy so, reduces the greasy feeling of oil systems. It can also form a film over the skin or hair surface, mainly because it is waterproof. It also imparts any emulsion more significant stability. It is used in lotions, creams, moisturizers, lipsticks, hair care, sunscreens, deodorant sticks, and cleansers.

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