Cetyl alcohol


INCI: Cetyl alcohol

What is Cetyl alcohol?

Cetyl alcohol, also known as palmityl alcohol is usually derived from vegetable oil. At room temperature, it comes as white flakes, mostly odorless. It is produced by catalytic hydrogenation of the triglyceride those are isolated from vegetable oils, followed by oxidation.

Use & Benefits

Long chain alcohol is more hydrophobic and least hydrophilic, that’s why it forms a waterproof film wherever it is applied. This does not let moisture escape in the air from the skin or hair shaft. This property makes it an ideal choice as an emollient. It also improves dry skin condition. It has highly reactive -OH group attached to it, which on the contrast makes it water loving. So, the long chain is oil-loving but the -OH group is water-loving, makes it an ideal choice as a surfactant or foam boosting agent. It is also a non-gelling thickening agent, even in products like lipstick. It is used in products like creams, lotions, body washes, makeup products, hair shampoos, and conditioners.

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