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INCI: Ceratonia siliqua gum / Ceratonia siliqua fruit extract

What is Ceratonia siliqua gum / Ceratonia siliqua fruit extract?

Locust bean is obtained from a carob tree fruit, it is native to the Mediterranean region. The long pods are grown on the tree when dried shaken and pressed simultaneously to get seeds separated. Then the seed’s skin is removed to get endosperm of seeds, which is then milled to get locust bean gum powder. Chemically, it is galactomannan i.e. units of galactose and mannose combined together. Another way of classifying it is high-molecular-weight hydrocolloidal polysaccharide. Locust bean gum is white to yellow-white powder. In ancient times, the locust bean gum was used as a binder or adhesive in mummy binding.

Use & Benefits:

The gum when mixed with water, it thickens considerably. It is mainly used as a thickener in various products since it has a characteristic of thickening but not gelling. It is therefore used in moisturizer, anti-aging products, foundation, facial powder, masks, breath fresheners etc. It is also used as a stabilizer; it can increase the bulk in any formulation, at the same time it can also make the product more stable. Therefore, it is used in skincare products, hair care products and sunscreens above SPF 15. 

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