INCI: Ceramides

What is Ceramides?

Ceramides are found in intracellular spaces of epidermal or stratum corneum. They are heterogeneous in structure and by changing an amide linkage or differences in chain length, fatty acid conjunction, hydroxylation, saturation, etc. different factors form a different ceramide altogether. They are essentially important in maintaining the intact structure and moisture permeability of the first layer of skin. Ceramides production decreases with age, and as a result dry and scaly skin as well as other aging skin problems like fine lines, wrinkles start showing up. Ceramides not only hydrates skin but they fill the space in stratum corneum, repairs it, some ceramides boost natural ceramides production. This helps skin gain its moisture and intact barrier back preventing future damage as well. There are few tens of ceramides, which form the stratum corneum of the skin, and amongst them, the following are frequently used ceramides.

Use & Benefits

Ceramide name

% found in total ceramide pool of SC


Use and benefits

Products available

Ceramide AP/Ceramide 6




Moisturized and replenish skin, keeps skin protected and moist.

Creams, lotions, serums

Ceramide EOP/Ceramide 9



P stands for phytosphingosine/ E ester-linked fatty acid/O for omega hydroxy fatty acid


Skin Revitalizer

Protective agent

Night creams, lotions, serums

Ceramide EOS/ Ceramide 1


N-acetylated sphingolipid consisting of sphingosine having D-erytho structure connected to saturated or unsaturated fatty acid esterified at omega -OH of the fatty acid.

As a lipid concentrate, it is used as anti-wrinkle, anti-aging product. It also moisturizes skin, protects and repairs skin.

Serum, cream and lotion.

Ceramide NG/Ceramide 2




Moisturizing agent

The protective agent used as anti-aging, anti-wrinkle agent

Cream, lotions, serums, repairing shampoos and conditioners

Ceramide NP/Ceramide 3



phytosphingosine base + stearic acid (Saturated fatty acid)

Hair conditioning and skin conditioning

Cream, lotions, serums, shampoo, and conditioner

Ceramide NS/Ceramide 2


N-stearoyl sphinganine

Similar to Ceramide EOS

Serum, cream and lotion




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