Centuria cyanus flower


INCI: Centuria cyanus flower

What is Centuria cyanus flower or Cornflower?

Centuria cyanus or cornflower is native to Europe. It is a purple colored flower bearing weed, usually found in corn or wheat fields. Dried cornflower and cornflower extract are used for different cosmetic products and as a pigment. It contains anthocyanins, flavonoids, phenoxycarboxylic acid, indole alkaloids, etc. as their important constituents. It is also rich in minerals and other trace elements.

Use & Benefits

The water of this flower can be used as normal skin care products as well as around the eye treatments.it also enhances moisture within the skin, it has anti-inflammatory as well as wound healing capabilities. It is used as astringent to provide exfoliating effect and exposing the newer skin cells to the surface, making skin look more improved.  It is used in Eye treatment, creams, lotions, antiperspirant, and shampoo.

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