Castanea sativa seed extract


INCI: Castanea sativa seed extract

What is Castanea sativa seed extract?

Castanea sativa, commonly known as sweet or Spanish chestnut, broadleaf deciduous tree, native to Mediterranean region. The nuts are reddish-brown to brown in color, shiny, roughly triangular in shape. Nuts are rich in carbohydrate, few amino acids, vitamin C and B6, copper, and manganese. The chestnut oil is expressed from nuts, or seed extract is also used. It is also rich in antioxidant flavonoids like rutin and quercetin. These two are potent, proven antioxidants found in various other vegetables and fruits.

Use & Benefits

The extract contains minerals and Vitamins, which is essential for skin vitality and nourishment. It is quickly absorbed through the skin. It has antioxidants properties because of Vitamin C and flavonoids rutin and quercetin. They block the harmful UV-A rays and stress induced by them on the skin. Also, free radical damage to the skin is minimized. The extract also contains some amino acids which act as an astringent as well as they are believed to lighten the skin with the same effect.

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