Capryloyl glycerin/ sebacic acid copolymer


INCI: Capryloyl glycerin/ sebacic acid copolymer

What is Capryloyl glycerin/ sebacic acid copolymer?

Capryloyl glycerin /sebacic acid is either naturally derived or synthetically produced copolymer that can replace silicon products. Usually, capryloyl glycerin is obtained from coconut oil, and Sebacic acid is prepared from ricinoleic acid found in castor oil. So, it has a more significant amount of stability as well as lipid oxidation resistance. It can have a longer shelf life.

Use & Benefits

It is associated with moisture balance on the skin surface, it forms an occlusive barrier on the skin that retains moisture, and thus it is helpful for dry skin. It can be used as an alternative to vegetable oils/polyisobutene/silicon/esters because of lipid oxidation resistance. It is also free of any rancid odors or strong taste associated with such oils. It is a suitable match for lipstick, lip gloss as well as other cosmetics that has colorant dispersed. It has higher pigment dispersal capacity as well.

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