Caprooyl sphingosine


INCI: Caprooyl sphingosine

What is Caprooyl sphingosine?

It is a mixture of caproic acid and sphingosine. Sphingosine is a sphingoid base, or in other words, it is part of skin cell membrane lipid bilayer. Sphingosine and few other sphingoid bases are involved in maintaining moisture balance in the skin to prevent excessive water loss. Caproic acid also is known as hexanoic acid. As per more scientific explanation, it is called N-acylated sphingoid  

Use & Benefits

It is close to skin lipids structures, it gets absorbed quickly into the skin. It remained in the stratum corneum and believed to firm the cellular structure. It mainly acts as antiaging and as a conditioner. It improves the wrinkle and fine line appearance as well as fixes the sagging caused by aging and gravitational pull.  Preventing moisture loss from the skin is the main task this ingredient is inherently doing. So, it makes skin nourished, hydrated and smooth. It is used in skin and hair conditioning products.

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