Caprooyl phytosphingosine


INCI: Caprooyl phytosphingosine

What is Caprooyl phytosphingosine?

Caprooyl phytosphingosine is the product of caproic acid with phytosphingosine. Phytosphingosine is one of the sphingolipids, that is a part of the dual layer of the cell membrane of keratinocytes or skin cells. When applied to the skin, it readily gets absorbed and strengthens the lamellar matrix. It is considered as one of the newer treatment approaches involving ceramide.  

Use & Benefits

It is one of the restoring agents of ceramide group. It repairs the lipid barrier of the skin and keeps it intact and healthy. As a result, the wrinkle and fine lines appearance are diminished or reduced. Also, it has a noticeable moisturizing effect on the skin. It is also anti-inflammatory and helps reduce UV induced damage.

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