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INCI: Calcium carbonate

What is Calcium carbonate?

It is a natural chemical compound, present in shells, rocks, and pearls. It is a dense, white, odorless, chalky powder. It is only slightly soluble in water. It is a very common dental abrasive.

Use & Benefits:

Calcium carbonate is chalky white in color, so it is used as an opacifying agent, to provide a product with uniform color and texture, often calcium carbonate is used as an aesthetic enhancer. It is an oil and sebum absorbing powder so gives a matte look to the skin removing unnecessary glossy look. So it can be used to make up and skin care products. It also acts as a binder, improves the spreadability of pressed powders. It is also used as a buffering agent in many formulations to stabilize the formula. Its use in oral care is known for many years, it possesses some antimicrobial power, and that’s another reason to use in any preparation.

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