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INCI: Butyrospermum parkii butter

What is Butyrospermum fruit?

Shea butter, common name for Butyrospermum parkii, is a beneficial ingredient found in numerous products. The Shea tree is native to tropical African countries.

Shea fruit seed is opened, and kernels are removed, which are then ground to form a powder and boiled in water. In this process, the butter floats on top of the water, which is then separated. It is pale in color which is then purified to make white.
It contains the highest % of unsaponifiable fat or phytosterols such as campesterol, stigmasterol; triterpenes such as cinnamic acid esters and fatty acids like oleic, linoleic, arachidic, palmitic and stearic acid. It also contains vitamin E, vitamin A, and allantoin.

Use & Benefits:

Shea butter is used in numerous skin conditions, like dry skin, acne, rash, itchy skin, stretch marks, skin breakage. Shea butter also heals and protects skin from sunburn because of its content in UV absorbing triterpenes which are made of phytosterols, vitamin E and cinnamic acid. It has the highest amount of unsaponifiable fats or plant sterols, which are closer to cholesterol in structure, and when applied to the skin, they do not let moisture evaporate and makes it available for skin surface. Vitamins act as an antioxidant, which improves the damage caused by oxidative stress. It’s a really very valuable ingredient in skin care, and anti-aging regimen surely counts on it.

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