Butylene glycol


INCI: Butylene glycol

What is Butylene glycol?

Butylene glycol, also known as butanediol is organic alcohol. It is colorless, water-miscible solvent. It is one of the most used ingredients in cosmetics. Due to a high number of the hydroxyl group in its chemical structure, it has more ions to donate in a solution and improved miscibility.

Use & Benefits

It is mainly used as a solvent in many preparations keeping ingredients such as pigments or dyes from clumping together. The hydroxyl group makes the Butendiol favoring more water. In case of the skin surface, it attracts more water making it ideal as humectants. It has the ability to add moisture to formulations for example hair conditioner or shampoos.

It can control viscosity. Especially gels or creams get greater spread-ability when butendiol is added in a product. It also stabilizes the preparation improves the texture of the skin or when applied on the hair it can smooth the cuticles down giving it softer smother texture. It can also be found in acne creams as an active ingredient; however, it has been found that butylene glycol can clogs pores making acne worst, can even be irritating on the skin for some.

It is mainly used in leave-on and rinse-off formulations.

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