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INCI: Boswellia carterii oil

What is Boswellia carterii oil?

It is a dry area plant, native to India, Arabian Peninsula (Oman and Yemen) and Africa. The tree mainly cultivated for its golden sap from the bark. The oleoresin or sap is then allowed to dry, called “frankincense”. It has a unique fragrance. It mainly consists of resin and essential oils. The food industry is another field where Boswellia is used, because of its significant antimicrobial properties.

Use & Benefits:

When topically applied, antioxidant quality of its essential oil helps skin recover faster, and it fades blemishes, and It helps make skin tone even. It is an excellent astringent and toner. Thus, it helps remove dead skin cells. The boswellic acids, both alpha and beta varieties block 5-lipooxygenase enzyme and thus help reduce inflammation. It helps reduces redness or itching of the skin. Its fragrance makes it more appealing for use as a cosmetic.
Both the Boswellia carterii and Boswellia serrata are more or less similar except for the origin as later is native to India.

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