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INCI: Boron nitride

What is Boron nitride?

Boron nitride also mentioned BN in short, is a synthetic compound with a hexagon or spherical shaped transparent particles. BN is amongst the newer and advanced member of cosmetics, with unique physicochemical properties like thermal stability, thermal insulation, excellent flow property, slip, and easy spreadability.

Use & Benefits:

Boron nitride is mainly used in facial makeup preparations. However, it is also used in other preparations like shampoos and conditioners for providing unique smoothness and to provide cooling. It has a texture similar to talc, but it does not randomly sit on the crevices or deeper wrinkles surface but fills it and hides it. After application, it gives skin a matte look. Also, if excess oil is the problem, BN absorbs it and decreases tack. It is used as a filler because it is transparent and its spherical molecules collapse, gives a greater adhesion. It has an excellent cosmetic appeal and performance as well. The products in which it can be used are foundations, face powder, eye shadows, lipstick to name a few.

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