Vitamin B3  (Niacinamide) in Anti-aging products

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) in Anti-aging products

“Beautiful, radiant looking skin”  - you just saw in an advertisement?  You paused for a moment and moved on to your errands thinking its impossible... Well, Vitamin B3 makes it possible. Vitamin B3 or Niacin is an anti-aging ingredient that can exactly make your skin look beautiful.

Vitamin B3 is a part of co-enzymes …which are very crucial in carrying out skin functions like retaining moisture, maintaining oil balance, improving microcirculation in the skin and lot more. We will get to know about that in detail for various purposes.

Vitamin B3 makes signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, disappear!

Yes, That’s it, Vitamin B3 works in two ways. First, it increases collagen production, a basic structural protein of skin and second, it decreases glycan production. Wait… too many chemical terms ..right? Collagen, the good guy, holds skin cells together and glycans, the bad guy, make wrinkles appear on the improving good guys while banishing the bad guys. Vitamin B3 is on target of improving skin texture reducing aging signs and you are about to look younger!


Vitamin B3 stops acne from coming back and reduces skin pore size is a bonus!

Imagine a scene when you wake up, looking in to mirror, a pimple seems waking up along with you at weirdest spot... Don’t worry, we have a faithful friend here… Vitamin B3 decreases sebum production, meaning less oil on the skin and an unfavorable environment for acne and removes one of the major factor making pores larger out of the way.


Vitamin B3  fades skin pigmentation.

We have seen pigmentation quite a few times lets understand a little about it. Melanin gives us color... if overproduced because of aging gives us annoying pigmentations. Vitamin B3 inhibits the very basic step of melanin formation and fades existing pigments too.  


Vitamin B3 calms sensitive skin and decreases redness and blotchiness.

Sensitive skin makes treatment more complex, while we want to improve skin texture or reduce spots or any similar problem, sensitive skin is sort of hurdle to treatment ..all of sudden red or itchy spot on skin stops us from continuing any treatment. But in case of Vitamin B3, it’s anti-inflammatory property has shown the promising effect on the redness of the skin.


Vitamin B3  improves skin elasticity

Our skin loses moisture due to wind, harsh weather..  result.. dry skin.. is the root cause of many skin problems. Vitamin B3 increases production of epidermal skin barrier lipids, simply known as, ceramides, which makes skin layer dense, in ways tightens the crevices, escape route of moisture. Thus less moisture loss, helthier skin! Lipid barrier makes skin more elastic and tough against almost all sort of damaging factors.


Vitamin B3 increase protection against harmful sun rays

Vitamin B3 not only increase protection against harmful radiations but also it's a powerful antioxidant. It fights free radicals roaming around our skin cells trying to damage it, and in adittion it protects the skin.


Truly, Vitamin B3 is like a jack of all trades that tackles wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne, hyperpigmentation. Also when used with other anti-aging ingredients it provides a synergistic effect. Remember, B stands for Beautiful you! #AdaptiveSkincare