The best exfoliant for oily skin: Salicylic acid (BHA)

The best exfoliant for oily skin: Salicylic acid (BHA)

Although Acetyl (Acetyl) Salicylic sounds like an active ingredient in Aspirin, it’s not to be confused with Salicylic Acid, which can be used in cosmetics as an anti-inflammatory and exfoliating treatment. If you weren’t aware, let us tell you about it:

What is salicylic acid?

Salicylic acid is an exfoliating active from the Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) family, used to care for some of the most damaged skins. Salicylic acid is used in cosmetics to exfoliate; fighting acne, pimples, blackheads which ultimately reducing discolouration leaving our skin feeling smoother and with less imperfections.

Thanks to its soothing effect, it’s recommended for oily, mixed skin and even sensitive. It acts on the epidermis, weakening the union of the lipids that keep dead cells together which then removes them and reveals the new cells that were hidden.

This active comes from the willow bark, being the least irritating chemical peel and suitable for daily use.  Due to it’s gentle and soothing  properties, it is commonly used in skin treatments for rosacea and psoriasis.

Benefits of BHA Salicylic Acid

There are many advantages of using salicylic acid on our skin, making it one of the two main facial exfoliants.

  • It removes dead skin cells and smoothes the surface of the skin, leaving a much more even skin. A facial cream with Salicylic Acid, exfoliates whilst not being abrasive which can happen with the granulated peels. Hence avoiding scratching your skin and taking care of it.

  • So at the same time that it eliminates these cells, it opens the way to new ones and our skin will look much healthier and radiant.

  • Helps eliminate stains and gives clarity to the skin. Our tone will be matched, unified and with a much healthier shine.

  • It is a pore cleaner. Salicylic Acid penetrates the depth of the pore, eliminating all traces of dirt. This will involve controlling the appearance of spots, blemishes and acne breakouts.

  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect. It soothes our skin, helps those with acne to calm down inflammation from blemishes to help speed up the healing process.

  • Reduces wrinkles. Salicylic Acid enhances the actives in the Antiage Range, by stimulating the production of collagen and elastic fibers of our skin. Therefore, at the same time that it fights against acne and blackheads, it helps our body to plump up and even out wrinkles.

If you have dry skin and you want these effects on your skin, we recommend using Salicylic Acid instead of choosing Glycolic Acid, since it the best exfoliant formula for dry skin (unless you have sensitive skin).

Exfoliating treatment with salicylic acid

Now that you are aware of the beneficial properties of this cosmetic beauty cosmetic, why not include it in our daily treatment? You can have the freedom to  choose and combine them with the other ranges that you can find in Lesielle.

First, choose the base that suits your skin type; look in our Lesielle catalog and discover the multiple variations in texture and hydration so you can choose the one you like most.

Then, you can include up to four actives in your treatment according to you wish to achieve from your skin care regime. If one of them is Salicylic Acid from the Anti-imperfections range, you can easily complement this with other actives from other ranges, for example:

  • The Peptides for an Antiaging treatment.
  • Vitamin E for an Antiaging treatment.

For an treatment against acne

Due to its antibacterial properties, salicylic acid is ideal to be used in our anti-acne treatment in oily, dry, mixed or normal skin, since it penetrates the pore's boil, exfoliating and leaving the skin cleaner, opening clogged pores and preventing the appearance of spots, blemishes and pimples.

Among them, we recommend, Resveratrol for its anti-inflammatory and its action to fight bacteria and fungi. In addition, you can Vitamin E to heal or Hyaluronic Acid to stabilize the level of hydration in our skin.

With these simple choices you would have your own personalised Lesielle treatment ready! As you can see, the combination of actives is in your own hands!

Come and be part of the #LesielleRevolution!

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