The best anti-aging moisturizer for oily skin

The best anti-aging moisturizer for oily skin

Although we probably just see shiny skin staring back at us when we look in the mirror, oily skin does have some advantages. One of them being that is ages slower than other types of skins. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t age, it just means it ages a slower pace. So if you need an anti-aging treatment for oily skin, stay with us and continue reading this post.

So when will I need to use an anti-aging moisturizer if I have oily skin?

Sometimes, we wonder what age would be right to start using Anti-aging creams, which is a difficult question to answer seeing as each person and their skin type are different. Oily (and combination) skin tend to age slower than normal and dry skin since oily skin is more resilient to external agents and environmental factors. Due to this, the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and expression lines, usually take more time to appear.

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Typically, after 30 years of age, the skin begins to decrease the production of collagen and loses firmness, so it is normal that at this age we begin to see the first signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. This is the time that people usually start looking for remedies and beauty products to begin treating the first wrinkles. But as always, it is better to prevent than to treat, so why not use an antioxidant treatment before this process starts? This way can we can prevent the skins of aging before they start.

How to know what anti-aging moisturizer cream I would need for my skin type?

The only difference in anti-aging treatments for each skin type is the amount of hydration. That is why it is essential that your anti-aging cream is specifically indicated for oily skin. If you have oily skin, then avoid treatments address to "all skin types" as they won’t fulfill the needs of what each individual skin type needs.

That’s why at Lesielle, we divide our base range creams by type of skin

Anti-aging moisturizing skin care for oily skin

If we have already chosen your base for oily skin, it is now the time to include that anti-aging treatment that we all need.

 The Anti-aging active ingredients must be chosen according to your needs and what changes you wish to see: blemishes, enlarged pores, wrinkles ...

Our suggestion is a combination of anti-aging active ingredients, which as a rule, never fails:

Anti-age range for skin correction +1 an antioxidant for prevention +1 exfoliant for imperfections.

Following the previous combination, we suggest you a Lesielle Anti-aging treatment for oily skin:

Retinol + Vitamin C + Salicylic

 Antiaging combination for oily skin

Base for oily skin: specifically designed for oily skin to give your face the right amount of hydration.

Active Retinol: This Anti-aging Active is excellence and the most effective in the industry. It is Top Dog at fighting wrinkles and most signs of age.
Active Vitamin C: A great antioxidant that prevents the signs of aging and helps eliminate facial blemishes.
Active Salicylic Acid: The most suitable exfoliant for oily skin, which softens the texture of your skin, cleanses the pores and helps cell renewal. It will also help other the other active ingredients to better penetrate the skin and therefore be more effective.

Is your skin sensitive and oily? Use a base for oily and sensitive skin, and instead of using Retinol and the Vitamin C changing them for Vitamin B3 and Resveratrol which are milder on the skin and have soothing properties.

Anti-aging treatment for my skin? #AdaptiveSkincare

Do you know what actives and bases your skin needs?

Discover it in just 2 min!

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