7 common causes of dry skin (and 7 simple solutions)

7 common causes of dry skin (and 7 simple solutions)

As we have talked in previous post, dry skin is characterized by tightness, little glow and elasticity. . Although in some cases having dry skin is determined by our genetics, many of us have experienced skin dryness throughout our lives. Let's analyze the external factors which cause our skin can dry out.

Causes and solutions for dry skin

Sun exposure. If we sunbathe without sunscreen, we can lack that hydration that we need. And, in addition, it can cause premature aging of the skin.


To maintain proper hydration, we must avoid sitting out for prolonged periods in sun and protect ourselves from it. You can use a base cream with sun protection for this, which helps you to maintain proper hydration while simultaneously protecting you from photoaging.

Low temperatures, dry air, sudden changes in climate or washing with very hot or very cold water can affect our skin and make it feel drier and dehydrated.


Maintain the proper hydration level with a specifically chosen moisturizing base for your skin. Keep in mind, that your skin may require different bases depending on the season and therefore we would need to modifying our cosmetic beauty treatment as and when our skin demands.
To alleviate the symptoms of dry skin, we can also reinforce our cosmetic treatment with moisturizing ingredients such as Active Argan Oil, an Active Aloe Vera or an Active Hyaluronic Acid.

• Use of products with oil regulating ingredients and abrasive or granules exfoliants.


Not all skins need to regulate oils. In the case of dry skin, there is a lack of oils, therefore for dry skin, the ingredients regulating oil or against excessive shine will not be helpful here.

If what you want is a smooth skin, you can exfoliate with the Glycolic Acid Active, an exfoliant specifically for dry skin.
If you have mixed skin or oily skin, normally the exfoliant indicated for you is the Active Salicylic Acid.

Aging. It is common for skin to dry up over time and as a result we get wrinkles, expression lines and fine lines.


Daily use a moisturizer which is designed to level out oil levels in our skin. To do this, make sure that your cosmetic cream clearly indicates what type of skin it intends to be designated to.

• Use cosmetics with perfume. The use of perfumed cosmetics can irritate and dry the skin, especially people with sensitive skin.

Avoid all perfumed products to reduce allergies or irritations. All Lesielle products are perfume-free.

• Hay Fever and seasonal allergies,as well as food allergies, can cause dryness in the skin, which makes it become red, sensitive or even favor episodes of atopic dermatitis.


If this happens to you, the first thing you should do is visit your dermatologist.
To care for especially dry and irritated skin, you can use soft formulas such as those we offer you in our sensitive skin range. You can also add soothing ingredients such as the active ingredient Bisabolol.

• Cleaning your face with a bar of soap or products with a pH too high in alkaline. This type of soap leaves a residue that dries out our skin.

SOLUTION: You can clean your skin with mild soaps and warm water. Mke sure you choose ones which aren’t so high in pH. After, use of a good daily moisturizer; this is the key to keep the elasticity and hydration in dry skin.

EXTRA: Do you have sensitive and dry skin? Learn to take care of it.

With Lesielle you can take care of your dry skin. Welcome to #LesielleRevolution.

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