Peptides in skincare

Peptides in skincare

Main benefit:  Antiaging effect on the skin

Lesielle range: Antiaging

Synergy: antioxidants

Timeframe: Day and Night

Skin type: suitable for all skin type

What is a peptide?

You must be hearing a lot about proteins and its impact on a well-balanced diet, especially if you are a sports enthusiast. Did you know that applying “protein” can also be great for your skin?  Well, not exactly protein, but building blocks of proteins, the peptides.

Peptides are the short chain of 2-3 amino acids and the acts as the building blocks of different proteins. One such protein is Collagen, a structural skin protein. Higher the collagen production rate, the younger our skin looks.

The future of Antiaging creams – Peptides

If we look at the physiology of the skin, more than 70% of the skin (not taking into account the water) is made up of structural proteins as collagen. Due to sunlight, heat, and aging, it can break down, leading to skin sagging and letting wrinkles and fine lines appear. At Lesielle, we have introduced in our antiaging active ingredients range, a well-studied mix of peptides of the highest quality and optimal concentration. This wonderful ingredient can really help to transform saggy skin to a more structured, firm and elastic skin.

Gentle and soft, they are ideal if you have sensitive skin so just select them as an antiaging treatment to create your tailor-made skin formulation and check for yourself what they are capable to do for you and your skin.

There are different pathways which peptides can help your skin look newer, and each of them can use a specific one. Peptides can acts as a signal to the skin, indicating it to promote collagen production. Few peptides deliver magnesium or copper-metal ions to the skin sending a signal to the skin like healing is needed there acting as a starter of the collagen making process. Other peptides prevent enzyme to breaks down collagen into fragments so, it doesn’t let the collagen level go down. Resulting in a firmer skin day by day.

About time frame, it normally takes 1-3 months to appreciate the real effects of peptides in you skin.

For all these reasons is not strange that Peptides are considered nowadays one of the most important and promising antiaging ingredients in the cosmetic industry.

You need more than peptides

Peptides are great, but remember that no ingredient is so complete that it doesn’t need help to do their best. Combine peptides with antioxidants or other antiaging active ingredients and a good balance moisturizer to obtain a complete treatment and get the best of it.


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