How to care for oily skin?

How to care for oily skin?

If you have oily skin, you’ll already know how frustrating it is to deal with shiny skin and excess sebum. The good news is Lesielle is here to help! You can choose a combination of actives that aid in controlling excess oil whilst as the same time protecting your skin. Let's find out more!

What is oily skin? How to know if I have oily skin?

To discover if our skin is oily or not, so as not to confuse it with mixed skin, we need to look at a series of characteristics that define this type of skin.

Oily skin is characterized by an excess production of oils on the skin, which are identified by:

  • Shiny skin.
  • Normally, pores on oily skin are bigger
  • You can show signs of acne and blackheads, as oily skin is more prone to accumulate dirt and create pimples or blackheads.

woman look at mirror

Don’t worry not everything is negative, oily skin tends to age much slower because it is more resistant to external agents and fine lines and expression lines take longer to appear. In addition, oily skin is much more elastic and flexible. Contrary to what happens with dry skin.

Do not confuse having oily skin with an excess of hydration. You can have oily and dehydrated skin if our skin does not retain adequate water.

These are the fundamental characteristics of oily skin so that you can identify it, but, if you are still not completely clear, consult our post on skin type.

Causes of oily skin

The type of skin we have comes for the most part predefined by our genetics. Other factors that favor oily skin are:

  • Hormonal changes.
  • A bad diet.
  • A side effect of some medications.
  • Stress.
  • Beauty Products with ingredients high in oils and butter such as coconut or olive oil. Most are not suitable for oily skin. The comedogenic ingredients also worsen acne because they clog pores and don’t let the skin breathe properly.
  • High temperatures (in summer it is common to have more oily skin)

What treatments should I choose if I have oily skin

To care for oily skin and maintain it looking hydrated and bright, try not to clean your face too often; it could cause the opposite effect.

Let's hydrate! The right thing to do is hydrate oily skin with products that have specific oils, in small quantities and have a large number of hygroscopic ingredients, which absorb and retain moisture without contributing to oils. The Lesielle bases for oily skin provide all the necessary hydration.

We can offer you, as an example, a couple of treatments with different objectives:

 Example 1: Anti-aging treatment for mature oily skin

Base for oily skin Lesielle + Retinol + Salicylic Acid + Vitamin C

As we already know, if we have read this post, anti-aging treatments are composed of:

  • An active Anti-aging, such as Retinol, which restores skin and softens wrinkles
  • An exfoliant: Salicylic acid that is especially indicated for oily skin
  • An antioxidant like Vitamin C, which in addition to preventing aging, illuminates and eliminates the spots of mature skin.

Antiaging Oily skin

 Example 2: Treatment to prevent aging and acne in young oily skin:

In this case, the ideal would be to combine an exfoliant and two antioxidants.

Base for oily skin Lesielle + Salicylic acid + Vitamin E + Vitamin C

  • Salicylic Acid (specific for oily skin): An exfoliant to keep acne at bay, clean the skin and for its antibacterial power.
  • Vitamin E: Within antioxidants, they have the additional property of helping with acne marks. if it's gives you a greasy feel, it can be exchanged for resveratrol.
  • Vitamin C: It is another antioxidant that enhances the anti-aging effect.

Acne oily skin

Also if you want more hydration in your treatment, you can add hyaluronic acid to retain and enhance the moisture in your skin without adding oil.

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