Betain salicylate


INCI: Betain salicylate

What is Betain salicylate?

It is a combination product of betaine and salicylic acid. Betain is a side product obtained when processing beet root sugar. Betain also was known as trimethyl glycine has unique properties. It is an amino acid that helps maintain the proper water balance within the cell or an osmolyte. 

Use & Benefits

Betaine salicylate offers an advantage of both. The Betaine as mentioned earlier, it has skin improvement properties by balancing moisture at the cellular level. It produces all the salicylic effects like exfoliation and antimicrobial effect, but more gently. This combination is more acceptable for skin then salicylic acid alone.  It also acts as antiacne, keratolytic agent. It is mainly used in leave-on and rinse-off preparations, exfoliation preparation with anti-irritation claims.

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