Benzoyl peroxide


INCI: Benzoyl peroxide

What is Benzoyl peroxide?

Benzoyl peroxide is a member of the organic peroxide group, wherein two benzoyl groups are connected with the peroxide group. When benzoyl peroxide comes in contact with skin, it breaks down into benzoic acid and oxygen. 

Use & Benefits

Benzoyl peroxide has proven effects in acne treatment for years. It is antimicrobial, decreases the P.acnes concentration around the acne affected area when applied on a regular basis up to a certain percentage. It is also anti-inflammatory. It fights free radicals, decreases bacterial related TNF and interleukins to minimize inflammatory response as a result, pain, and redness are diminished gradually. Benzoyl peroxide is comedolytic, unblock the pores and allows the sebum to flow normally to the skin surface.

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