Behenic acid


INCI: Behenic acid

What is Behenic acid?

Behenic acid, also known as docosanoic acid, is a carboxyl group-containing, saturated fatty acid. Ben oil, extract obtained from the Moringa tree seeds, has behenic acid as a major constituent. 

Use & Benefits

Behenic acid is a fatty acid in nature, so it is used to form a water repellent layer over the surface of skin or hair. In any formula, it is used as a thickening agent or viscosity adjusting agent. It is a good surfactant since it has a long chain as well as the hydrogen atom of acid to use against any other ions. It is also used as an opacifier to the improved appearance of any product. It is an ingredient, that is used in product ranging from shampoo, conditioner, eyeliner, moisturizer, deodorant, and styling gel.

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