Aspartic acid


INCI: Aspartic acid

What is Aspartic acid?

Aspartic acid is a non-essential amino acid.  It is available in racemic form, or in other words, due to the orientation of different atoms, there are three varieties of Aspartic acid: L-aspartic acid, R-aspartic acid, and d-β-aspartic acid. L-aspartic acid is the most active form of aspartic acid. According to one study as we get exposed to harmful UV rays, L-aspartic acid gets converted into its lesser active form- R-aspartic acid and d-β-aspartic acid. Now when they get incorporated into collagen-elastin synthesis, they create skin that is not healthy. So, it is important to either apply or ingest whichever way desired to get an extra dose of Aspartic acid.

Use & Benefits

It is useful as skin and hair conditioner, due to its unique structure, it can hold moisture along. Also, as told earlier, it is important in maintaining healthy looking skin.

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