Asparagopsis armata extract


INCI: Asparagopsis armata extract

What is Asparagopsis armata extract?

Asparagopsis armata is a red alga, found in deep areas of Pacific and Indian ocean. Apart from having all good constituents like carbohydrate, protein, minerals, and vitamins, which almost all algae or seaweed carry, studies have shown it contains various secondary metabolites also. Amongst these biologically active secondary metabolites, some halogenated antibacterial has been found.

Use & Benefits

Red algae - Asparagopsis armata is just like other algae, can be used as a conditioner or moisturizing agent in many preparations. Because algal proteins have been used as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and protective agents.  It also contains mycosporine-like amino acids, which are secondary metabolites and store solar energy. This property can be used to protect skin against harmful solar rays.

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