Ascorbic acid


INCI: Ascorbic acid

What is Ascorbic acid?

Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C is well known and essentially important ingredient for our body, both internally as well as externally. It is a water-soluble Vitamin, so it is found in cellular liquid and it is not stored in our body, neither synthesized, so we have to take it externally.

Use & Benefits

Vitamin C as nature’s antioxidant.  It is an important part of the different enzymatic reaction that neutralizes any toxins we may come across, it may be environmental or bacterial. It helps to regenerate body tissues including skin.  It is very vital for collagen synthesis, both quantitative and qualitative way, Vitamin C availability at skin cell helps collagen synthesis. It protects skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, so vitamin C and photoprotection go hand in hand. Harmful UV rays produce reactive oxygen species (ROS), they can start a chain reaction that damages cells, cellular DNA, cellular proteins and in turn collagen. That is why Vitamin C protection is helpful to save the skin from getting irreversibly damaged. Vitamin C also helps to make skin tone even. Along with Copper ion, Vitamin C inhibits tyrosinase enzyme, which is responsible for pigmentation on the skin.  Vitamin C is also Anti-inflammatory. It also inhibits the cascade reaction of inflammation by blocking certain enzymes, so irritated, acne prone or skin with rosacea gets a soothing treatment from Vitamin C.

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