Now, your skincare is

Potency and Amount control

Customize your single-dose.

You asked for it, and Lesielle delivered.

The new Lesielle 2 incorporates one of the most requested features by our clients. Equipped with a new and more precise injection system, you can now select the amount of cream that you prefer.

Not only that, but you will also be able to increase the injection of active ingredients; in other words, you can now select the potency of your treatment.

Easy set up + Onboarding

Start with a touch.

The New Lesielle 2, is equipped with NFC technology, making connecting with your device as simple as a touch. Don't you have a NFC? No problem, connect manually using your Bluetooth.

When connecting for the first time, the system will guide you through the onboarding tutorial so you get the most out of your new system, even without any skincare knowledge.

A Skincare Coach to achieve your perfect skin

Get your perfect skin​ with real-time advice based on your needs and the weather. The app will propose the formulas you need at every moment. Do you want to achieve a specific goal? Try our professionally designed skincare Protocols.

Real-time Advice to Adapt your formula

Your skin is alive, and it is constantly changing. You should adapt the formula, but how do you know when and how?

Your app analyzes the weather, your results, and your current treatment to propose changes in your Actives and Base combination so your skin always receives what it needs.

*Real-time advice will be gradully available in 2024.

Protocol mode:
The results of professional routines, now at home.

A step-by-step guided routine,

Designed by our Experts, this mode is ideal for those who prefer a fully guided and predefined routine to achieve specific goals.

Once activated, the App will notify you of the specific actives to use, and actions to take every day.

Available protocols (more coming soon)

Become an Expert in the needs of your skin

Design your own treatments

Use the intuitive interface to visualize the benefits of the formula you are using, what properties each of the components have, and easily understand what to change to improve your formula according to your needs.

For an automated formula design in under 2 minutes, the app also includes our internationally recognized Skin Quiz.

Track & improve

What can not be measured can not be improved.

For that reason, your app will keep track of your treatment history and its characteristics so you can make better decisions to improve your formula.

Designed by Pharmacists and experts formulators. 

All our professional App skincare protocols have been reviewed by certified healthcare professionals. In addition, our team continuously reviews every aspect of our personalized skincare system to increase its effectiveness day by day

Smarter everyday

Your own personalized algorithm

Your device will become smarter with each use, learning from the results you get, and the feedback you provide to create a personalized version of the algorithm for you.

Always up to date with the new releases

Our team of engineers is continuously improving the device's performance and adding new features. With the app, you will keep your device up to date.

Premium assistance

The app includes a sophisticated AI Skincare assistant to help you with the most common skincare and support questions. Do you need a human touch? With just one click, you will be connected with our expert support.

A simple touch with an equipped NFC mobile opens the app and connects with your Device.

*Available Q1 2024

Any doubts about the device or your formula? Use the app to contact one of our experts directly during the working hours.

Your Lesielle 2 Device is equiped with a last cutting edge technology that can automatically detect any problems in your device even before you notice it. If anything is detected, it will automatically try to correct it. If human intervention is needed it will tell you how to solve it, and if it requires external help, it will ask for your persmission to open a technical support ticket.

100% Guaranteed

Get started with a Free-risk money back guarantee

Take our personalized skincare quiz to discover the Base and Actives you need to create your perfect skincare treatment.

The skincare system for an ever evolving skin, using recognized active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy to create treatment tailored to each day's State of Skin. 

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