Anacyctis Nidulans Extract


INCI: Anacyctis nidulans extract

What is Anacyctis nidulans extract?

Anacystis nidulans is blue, green algae, extract of which has a unique use for the cosmetic purpose. Previously marine algae were used for their health benefits or of medicinal value, but now they are also used for cosmetics and cosmeceutical purposes. Various algae are harvested in fresh water and salt water to get the desired volume of the active constituent. Anacystis nidulans is one of them. Photolyase is the newer product- a delivery module or a liposome containing chlorophyll extracted from anacystis nidulans.

Use & Benefits:

Photosomes from this algae extract a, apart from offering all the advantages algae offers, like replenishing and refreshing skin with micronutrients, it protects it from sun’s harmful rays. Upon sunlight exposure, it protects skin from cell DNA damage by the sun’s harmful rays. It is used in sun exposure related products.

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