Aminobutyric acid


INCI: Aminobutyric acid

What is Aminobutyric acid?

Aminobutyric acid, especially the gamma orientation, it is prevalent in the entire human body. A naturally occurring amino acid that is a neurotransmitter as well, Its function in the body is to prevent transmission of certain neurotransmitters, works on inhibitory synapses in the brain.
Taking into the advantage of this property it is used as a facial muscle relaxer. “Botox-like “effect is the best example to understand the mechanism behind it.

Use & Benefits:

It is used to mask facial expression at a micro level to work best to eliminate wrinkles from the forehead and lips area, also considered as an instant wrinkle remover. Along with Vitamin E, it provides anti-aging effect. It improves microcirculation within the skin layers, in turn, metabolism and gently improves skin condition.

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