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INCI: Alpha Lipoic acid

What is Alpha Lipoic acid?

ALA-Alpha Lipoic acid is considered as potent universal antioxidant. The reason behind that is it is miscible in both water and oil phases. Our body is a live factory which produces ALA throughout our life at the cellular level, but as we age, we produce lesser and lesser of it. It activates certain processes which help our body’s tiniest engine mitochondria to work faster.

Use & Benefits:

It has a good penetration power in the skin through the cell membrane; it fights free radicals and helps damaged skin heal. It helps skin heal inside out. It helps skin cell regenerate and exfoliate itself.  So it improves aging affected skin quality, imparts even skin tone and improves moisture holding capacity of the skin. Thus, makes skin supple and soft. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it reduces redness and itchiness of the skin. It minimizes cross-linking, or formation of chemical bonds on the skin, thereby concerns such as wrinkles and fine lines are addressed from root level.

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