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INCI: Alcohol (ethanol)

What is Alcohol (ethanol)?

Ethyl alcohol is also known as ethanol is a very common solvent used almost in every setting, may it be home-based or industrial based. It is a colorless liquid, which is quite volatile in nature. It is made from fermented sugars or wheat, sugar cane, and maize.

Use & Benefits:

Ethanol, being simple alcohol gets readily absorbed into the skin. It also facilitates solute to penetrate easily into the skin. Once it is absorbed it gets converted into acetaldehyde, but that is in quite low concentration. It is used to dissolve ingredients in the formula so, works as a solvent. It is also antimicrobial in nature, and therefore, alcohol swabs are often used.  It is also used as a preservative with similar reason. It not only protects the skin but also helps improve product shelf life. It cleanses the skin by removing dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. So, the clean skin looks much brighter. It also helps control viscosity in many preparations.  According to FDA, US it is given a GRAS status, meaning generally recognized as safe. It is used in many cosmetics products like hair care, skincare, body care products, in decorative cosmetics, etc.

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