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To your skin and
personal preferences


A new cosmetic when
your skin needs it

More effective

More concentrated active ingredients
than traditional skin care


Thanks to our technology 
and lower spending on advertising

The new adaptive skin care

Custom skin care that changes with you

Every skin is unique. So why are skin care products designed for large groups of people?

What’s more, your skin and the environment are changing continuously, so you may need a different product before even finishing your current one.

Those are some of the questions that led us to create the world's first adaptive skin care.

With Lesielle, you can create your own custom skin care, choosing your skin type, the texture you prefer and the skin problems you want to correct. In addition, you can change the properties before each application to adapt the product to your skin's needs, or just for the pleasure of trying something different!

Choose your skin type 
and the texture you prefer

Choose the active indredients you need
based on your skin problems 
(combine up to 4)

To create a single dose of
your custom skin care.
Refills last 70 applications.

They're talking about us

Create your perfect skin care in 2 steps:

Step 1: Select a Base

The hydration that you need.
With the texture you like.

· SKIN TYPE: wide catalogue for each skin type.
· TEXTURE: select the one that matches your personal preferences: light, nourishing...
or use a different one in each situation (light during the day and nourishing at night...)
· NATURAL LINE: made with natural ingredients.
· SPF: Choose if you desire a sun protection factor.

Example of base selection

Step 2: Choose the Active ingredients  

Depending on your skin problems (combine up to 4)

· HIGH CONCENTRATION: Lesielle always shows the % used.
MORE EFFICACY: thanks to our isolated formulation that allows to use a concentration of active ingredients.

· WIDE CATALOGUE: in continuous development.
thanks to the color classification system.

· COMBINE THEM: to create your personal treatment.

Example of active ingredients selection

If your skin needs change, your skin care should too

With Lesielle you can create a different formula every time so you can adapt it to the needs of the moment.
Here you can see some examples of adaptive use for specific situations

Examples for Her

Examples for Him

Different colors to fit every style

Which one's yours?

Create your personalized skin care at home

Elegant, discreet and wireless design.
No more bathrooms full of cosmetics bottles

Designed down to the smallest detail, it will fit perfectly in your bathroom or on your dresser
and will save you space. Wireless with long-lasting battery.

Fragance free

By eliminating the fragrances we have achieved 3 benefits:
1- Reduce allergies and intolerances.
2- Time-saving: you will no longer reject a cosmetic because of a smell that doesn't fit you. Besides, you avoid the smell mixing with your perfume.
3- Lesielle can also be used by men. Men are usually limited to basic and ineffective formulas because most of the advanced formulations are focused on women (so that includes feminine perfumes). Men and women can use the same products perfectly well and eliminate the fragrances to create a unisex skin care. Surprised? The proof is that there are no topical drugs with male and female versions

Sensitive skins

At Lesielle we follow a philosophy of minimalist formulation. This means that we only use the essential ingredients. Thanks to this, we reduce the risks of allergies, improve treatment effectiveness and better conserve the active ingredients so they maintain all their properties. In addition, thanks to the separation of active ingredients and bases, you can test them separately. So if one of them is not compatible with your skin, you just have to change it!

For everyone

One of our purposes was to provide custom cosmetics within everyone's reach.
After a lot of work and research, we have achieved our goal. Now you can enjoy the custom adaptive cosmetics at an affordable price.

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