Customized & Adaptive skincare

Personalize your skincare.

Adapt it to the changes in your skin.

Cosmética personalizada y adaptativa dispositivo y recargas

A New generation of Customized skin care


Personalize your Moisturization level

Choose your base according to your skin type (dry, combination, oily...).


Personalize your treatment

Add up to 4 active ingredients to create your customized treatment (anti-aging, anti-spot, brightening...).

if your skin changes... Adapt it!

Adjust its properties whenever you want

A whole customized skin care routine in One Product


Add your Base (moisturization)


and until 4 Actives (treatment)


Push the button and...
¡skincare ready!

Stop searching through thousands of options.

Create your own skincare on the spot.

It's simple.

Say hello to healthy, beautiful skin.

+ 3 Millions of combinations

Create the perfect personalized skincare routine

Take your skin care to a new level. You just have to know your skin type and signs you want to address (sunspots, wrinkles,...) It's as simple as that!


If your skin changes, your skincare too

Is your skin drier or oilier than usual? Have a few spots appeared?

Our skin is alive and changes continuously due to internal (hormones, stress....) and external factors (climate, pollution...).

You no longer have to wait for the cream to run out to give it the care you need. Adjust the treatment instantly.

How to you prefer to personalize your skin care?

Take the test

only 2 minutes!

Choose yourself

Do you already know what do you need? Go to the shop and add 1 device and the bases y actives you need

“95% of sensitive skin creams on the market are merely calming moisturizers.”

With Lesielle, you will have an effective and advanced treatment that is compatible with your skin.

100% advanced treatments.
100% compatibles.

less irritations.

A special range of Bases and Actives for sensitive skin

"Patch Test": you can test each base and active separately to assure its compatibility

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Because today's skin care products do not take into account two very important things:

1. Your skin is unique, therefore no generic treatment will be able to take care of your skin 100%.

Your skin is constantly changing and the care it needs today may not be the same as the care it needs tomorrow.

However, current skincare are static formulas designed to care for the skin of groups of people with similar needs, without taking into account that each person's skin is unique and different at all times.

For example, you have surely seen cosmetics advertised as "anti-aging cosmetics for mature skin". But are all mature skins the same? The answer is simple, because even if they all have mature skin, they will never be the same. Even more surprising are those cosmetics aimed at "all skin types".

Lesielle is different and allows each person to create the perfect cosmetic that he or she needs at any given moment and to modify its properties as and when needed. We wanted personalization and transparency. With Lesielle, you decide. Cosmetics adapt to you, not the other way around.

Because traditional personalized skin care is based on static formulas that do not adapt to changes in the skin. With Lesielle Adaptive Skincare®, on the other hand, it is possible to create a different formula before each application, so that the cosmetic will always adapt to the needs of the skin at any given moment.

In addition, Lesielle is a personalized skin care product with no waiting time (no need to order it and wait for it to be made), more affordable thanks to the used technology, easy to use, and you can create special formulas for use at specific times (for example, adding a soothing active ingredient when your skin is triggered).

And perhaps most importantly, it is a more effective skincare product.

The main difference is that at Lesielle you are in control, with more personalization, customization, ingredient transparency and greater efficiency.

In 3 steps you will have a personalized cream ready!

1. First, introduce a foundation (according to your skin type, texture and desired hydration).

2. Next, enter up to 4 actives.

3. Once you have chosen your treatment, just press the button each time you want to apply your cosmetic (a single dose will be created for your face, neck and décolleté).

In addition, you can change the components whenever you need or want!

At Lesielle, you have 3 ways to choose the most suitable active ingredients for you:

1. with the online test: it is the fastest and most accurate way to get the perfect treatment according to your skin type and signs you want to treat. It won't take you more than 2 minutes. You can access it here.

2. Talk to a Lesielle advisor: you can contact us and we will help you create your customized treatment

3. Choose by yourself: if you prefer, go to our online store and create your preferred combination of Bases and Actives. In each product sheet, you will find useful information on ingredients and benefits to help you choose the right combination.

Lesielle skincare is fully customized, adaptive, uses the Isolated Formulation™ (each active ingredient is separately formulated, so they are more stable and effective).

In addition, no one knows your skin better than you do and, little by little, you will find unique combinations that suit you the best

You will even be able to anticipate upcoming skin changes and create specific treatments for them (during the hormonal cycle, for example).

Very simple: because the single-dose allows the properties of the cosmetic to change if the skin's needs change (a 50ml cream does not change). In addition, we increase effectiveness thanks to the Isolated Formulation™ whereby each active ingredient is separate until the moment the single-dose is created. This advantage makes Lesielle's active ingredients more stable, stronger and better preserved.

Briefly explained, the Isolated Formulation™️ is that each of our actives, is individually formulated in its "ideal" medium. This allow them to be stronger and better preserved. You can find more information by clicking here.