Tocopherol acetate
(Vitamin E)

INCI: Tocopheryl acetate

What is Tocopheryl  acetate?

Consists of Acetic acid and Tocopherol. Found naturally in the skin or vegetables and oils.

Use & Benefits

Tocopherol acetate has lipophilic qualities; it can pass through into the underlayers of the skin, providing moisture not only to the stratum corneum but to the dermis where it accumulates in the extracellular lipid matrix and cell membranes. It provides much-needed structural support and moisture for dry skin while being gentle on sensitive skin. Can be used on all other skin types to provide moisture without being greasy. And because it accumulates in the lipid membranes, this can reduce water loss from the skin and help retain moisture.

It can help reduce melasma- brown, grey patches on the skin and dark circles under the eye, which can be due to lack of sleep. 

Used in lotions, skincare, hair care, oils, serums, gels.

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