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INCI: Rosa canina flower extract

What is Rosa canina flower extract?

Dog rose, or Rosa canina is a climber and a wild rose species. It is native to Western Asia, NW region of Africa, and Europe. It bears white to pale pink tiny flowers. The fruits of this plant called rose hips are used for many years as food and medicine. The dog rose fruits contain many active constituents such as Vitamin C, sugar, pectin, flavonoids, phenolic acids, amino acids, essential oil, and organic acids. However, it is well known for its high phenolic acid content. The seeds are also rich in oils and mineral substances, such as linolenic, oleic, palmitic, stearic and arachidonic acid.

Use & Benefits:

Dog rose fruit extract is used for its antioxidant properties because as stated earlier, it has high phenolic acid content, which is an antioxidant. It is that’s why when used on the skin, goes deeply into the skin and protects the skin from any ongoing damage, may it be from environmental free radicals or pollutants. If this damage left untreated can lead to early aging of the skin with fine lines and wrinkles. So, the antioxidant content of this extract can make skin look and feel better. It also contains many fatty acids, which are essential for the skin but decline gradually as we age. When applied, the skin gets nourished through the fatty acids it contains, and any dryness of the skin can be cured easily. Also, it helps cleansing skin by loosening the dead skin cell layer clinging on the top or epidermal layer of the skin, which can be easily removed with mild scrubbing action. Moreover, it makes skin tone even. The flower extract conditions and refreshes the skin bringing its natural glow back. It is used in body care, skincare, and hair care products.

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