Glyceryl distearate

INCI: Glyceryl distearate

What is Glyceryl distearate?

Glyceryl distearate is a diester of glycerin and stearic acid, belongs to a chemical group called Glyceryl diesters. When the two are reacted, a mixture of mono, di and triglyceride can be obtained. It comes as an off-white to white waxy powder or mass. Stearic acid is a naturally found saturated fatty acid, mainly from cocoa butter and shea butter.

Use & Benefits

Glycerin is a water-loving ingredient whereas stearic acid is a fat-loving ingredient. The group in which it belongs-glyceryl diesters are based on a similar principle. The presence of both groups in one molecule can make it an ideal candidate as an emulsifier. Emulsifier blends water and oil in such a manner that the resultant emulsion looks uniform and stable. It also increases the thickness of a product.

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