INCI: Cola acuminata seed extract

What is Cola acuminata seed extract or Kola?

Cola acuminata, also known as “kola”, is an evergreen tree native to rain forests of Africa. Its seed is mainly used to extract the cola flavor and caffeine. Apart from caffeine, it also contains, theophylline, polyphenols- phlobaphenes responsible for red color, tannic acid, epicatechin, etc. to name a few important ones. It comes as light to medium amber colored liquid. 

Use & Benefits

Although it contains caffeine and theobromine, it has much of use as internal medicine, and for cosmetics purposes, it can treat the skin as an astringent, meaning it can help get rid of dead skin cells effectively by loosening them from the base. By doing this, the skin appearance can be visibly improved. It is used in creams, toners, gels, and lotions.