A multidisciplinary, motivated and
entrepreneurial team 

Meet the team that made Lesielle possible and its history

Rubén Rubiales
Founder & CEO

Pharmacist, Specialist in Pharmaceutical Industry

Alberto Portillo
Co-Founder & CTO

Aeronautical Engineer

Inma Santiago
Chief Designer & Usability

Industrial Design and Product Development Engineer

Thomas Canonica

Experience in management, mediation and banking sector

Raúl Adell
APP Developer

Superior Technician in Software Development

Mario García
Graphic Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts & Master of Advertising Creativity.

Cristina Vidal
Communication & Marketing

Journalist + Master in Digital Marketing

Claudia Jr.
3d Printer


Our values

For everyone

The first new generation of
personalized skin care with an
affordable price. 
Because innovation
should not only be available to just a few

You choose

Lesielle is about you being
the core of the product. 
without you, the perfect cosmetic
cannot be created.

Creating together

Most of our new products
are born from client ideas. 

Let's keep growing.

Transparency & honesty

We commit to show you clearly
the precentage of used active ingredients. 
Because everyone has the
right to know what he is buying.


Lesielle founders have grown up
with a deep environmental a
wareness and for that reason
we work every day to minimize
our ecological footprint.

Our history

Our idea was born in Switzerland, after a conversation about the difficulty of finding the perfect skin care product.
If it was difficult even for an expert, there was definitely something wrong in the skin care market.
After we gave shape to the idea, we increased size of the team and Lesielle was born.
The rest of the story we can summarize as a team that wasn't just improving the current products but was creating something totally new and innovative.

Our goal:
create a unique skin care concept

Contact us

We are here to assist you

If you have any questions or suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you.
You can write us using this form, or via our social network profiles. 

We'll answer you in less than 24 hours

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