Ricinus communis seed oil


INCI: Ricinus communis seed oil

What is Ricinus communis seed oil?

Castor oil is a fixed oil or vegetable oil obtained from cold pressing seeds of the plant Ricinus communis. It has to be refined before use. It is a clear, highly viscous liquid. It is stable under higher temperature or harsh climatic conditions. It mainly contains unsaturated fatty acids known as ricinoleic acid, apart from that it contains linoleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic acid. It is quite versatile in forming an ester with different anions like Zinc, potassium, sodium and forms an ester, which is used further in any cosmetics formulations. 

Use & Benefits

Castor oil is quite viscous but absorbs quickly through the skin. It is mainly emollient in nature. It is also used as a carrier oil in pharmaceutical or cosmetics formulations. Undecylenic acid, a derivative of castor oil is FDA approved to use in treating skin conditions. Its various derivatives are used in cosmetics for a variety of uses ranging from emulsifier to conditioners. It is also used in lipsticks, bath soaps, and skin care products.

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