Melaleuca leucadendron cajeput oil


INCI: Melaleuca leucadendron cajeput oil

What is Melaleuca leucadendron cajeput oil our Cajeput oil?

It is an essential oil obtained from the Melaleuca leucadendron tree. “cajeput” refers to a white tree, which relates to white peels of bark. However, for essential oil or volatile oil, the foliage or twigs are used. Mainly twigs and leaves undergo a steam distillation process to get an extract that contains essential oil. It is pale yellow yet clear appearing oil, with fresh, minty and camphorous fragrance. A principle constituent of this oil is cineol (45-55%), terpineol, butyric, valeric and benzoic aldehyde.

Use & Benefits

It is found in products such as facial astringent, cleansers and topical creams. It is also used for a healing massage by therapists. Apart from cosmetics, it has medicinal uses. Cajuput oil when applied to the skin it relieves psoriasis & eczema. It also has mild counterirritant properties. 

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