INCI: Inula helenium extract

What is Inula helenium extract or Elecampane?

Elecampane is also is known as, horse heal or Elfdock is a flower, belongs to the sunflower family, and native to Asia (western China) to Europe (Spain). The root part of the plant is used to make the extract. The chemical constituents in the root extract include 5 % of essential oil, thymol derivatives, sterol, alantolactone, azulene, helenin, helenalin, inulin and sesquiterpene, phenolic acid and flavonoids. It also activates some detoxifying enzymes on the surface of the skin. 

Use & Benefits

The phenolic contents of the extract act as an antioxidant, they fight with free radicals which are present in the environment, and protects skin from the possible damage caused by them. Skin with ongoing damage or already the damage is also recovered easily when the extract is applied on the surface of the skin. It also conditions the skin because of inulin, it is a polysaccharide, which draws moisture for skin from the surrounding. Thus, it also acts as emollient, keeps skin hydrated and smooth to touch. Well, moisturized and well-protected skin can surely result in younger-looking skin. It is also used as a masking agent, to prevent any disagreeable odor. In any formulation, the fragrance is very crucial because it creates an appeal to use. It is used in body care and skin care preparation.

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