INCI: Farnesol

What is Farnesol?

Farnesol is naturally found, but chemically it is sesquiterpene alcohol, found in many oils such as balsam, cyclamen, lemongrass, musk, rose, and citronella. It comes as a colorless oily liquid, with a sweet odor.  It is known as a molecule with high biological potential.

Use & Benefits

Farnesol is also well-known as bioactivator. Because it is a component of vitamin K and a precursor of fatty alcohol. It is said to improve skin appearance by smoothening wrinkles and gives skin a tighter look. Also, oily skin or dry skin can additionally benefit from its sebum secretion control on skin pores. It is used for odor masking, beings a sesquiterpene alcohol Farnesol is mainly used as a fragrant. It ought to have a fragrance which can be a plus when it comes to using in cosmetic preparation, it improves people’s likeability to certain scents. It is used in acne ingredient, cleansing products, shaving cream, aftershave products, deodorants, colognes, face powder/ foot powder, hair care, fragrance, and moisturizer.

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