Ethyl vanillin


INCI: Ethyl vanillin

What is Ethyl vanillin?

Ethyl vanillin is a phenolic compound substituted to form ethyl vanillin. As the name suggests, it is a fine white or yellowish crystalline powder. It can be considered a synthetic vanilla flavor. It has slightly more potent vanilla flavor than vanillin alone.

Use & Benefits

Flavors are very helpful in cosmetics, just like in other categories like bakery, dairy or confectionary. In cosmetics, they can be used to mask the disagreeable odor from any of the ingredients or to provide a uniform scent to the product. The fragrance is a factor because of which people may want to use the same product over and over, to get the same effect at the same time and look and feel fresh. Vanilla also has a soothing property for the skin. So, when it is applied to mildly irritated skin, it can show a soothing or calming action. It is used in all kinds of skincare preparations, hair care preparations, makeup related preparations, and toiletries.

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