Dipropylene glycol


INCI: Dipropylene glycol

What is Dipropylene glycol?

Dipropylene glycol is a diol or two hydroxyl groups. It is an alcohol, and its family includes many like polyethylene glycol, butylene glycol, ethylene glycol and more. It is a colorless, odorless liquid, which has a high boiling point, and low toxicity is a plus.

Use & Benefits

Glycols makes good solvents and this group of molecules has most of the qualities of an ideal solvent. They are nonreactive, higher boiling point, stable at room temperature. It can disperse or distribute the actives or pigments evenly, uniformity in each and every use of a product is a must in any formulation. So Dipropylene glycol helps in getting uniform distribution. It is also used as a masking agent. At times some actives have offending odor or taste but it is really a beneficial ingredient for skin, in that case, the masking agent helps overcome unacceptable taste, smell or even color. It decreases the viscosity of a product. Different product has different viscosity requirement, to spread more evenly or enhancing the absorption through the skin it has to have reduced viscosity. It is used in shampoos, moisturizers powders, cleansers, suntan products, makeup, and deodorants.

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