Dipotassium Phosphate


INCI: Dipotassium Phosphate

What is Dipotassium Phosphate?

Dipotassium phosphate, also known as DKP in shorter form, is synthetic, inorganic salt that is highly water-soluble. It comes as a texture of colorless and odorless white crystals or powder. It absorbs moisture quickly, so it has to be stored properly.

Use & Benefits

Dipotassium phosphate is a chelant or a sequestrant. It is actually a type of preservative. When Dipotassium phosphate is added to any formulation, it attracts polyvalent cations such as iron, nickel or copper, which otherwise form complexes with other actives and may degrade the formulation by oxidation. It is also used as a buffering agent to maintain a certain level of an acidic environment in any product. Certain product decomposes when there is a pH change, because of other ingredient or some impurities, the buffering agent lowers the pH to formulation to produce its effect fully. In regulatory status, it comes as GRAS (Generally recognized as safe).

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