Dimethyl ether


INCI: Dimethyl ether

What is Dimethyl ether?

Dimethyl ether in its natural state as a gas, but is liquified and used or stored. It is synthesized from ethanol when methanol loses a water molecule dimethyl ether is formed. It is a colorless liquid and with a faint ethereal odor.   

Use & Benefits

Dimethyl ether is commonly used as a solvent, which can hold other ingredients together and does not allow any kind of separation. This phenomenon happens when there is a change in atmospheric temperature when exposed to extremely hot temperatures, there are chances of any product lose its stability, and active contents can get separated. But dimethyl ether can hold everything together to make a product more stable. Another use of Dimethyl ether is as a propellant in aerosol products. It is also used to manage viscosity in any product. Mostly to decrease viscosity. The hair products like hair spray or styling foam, hair dye, cleanser, anti-aging treatment, anti-fungal treatment, wart removal treatment, and sunscreen may carry Dimethyl ether in its appropriate role.

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