Dimethyl capramide


INCI: Dimethyl capramide

What is Dimethyl capramide?

Dimethyl capramide, is also known as DMDA in short, is an amide of dimethylamine and capric acid. It has a characteristic odor. It comes as a liquid, which is water-soluble.   

Use & Benefits

It is considered as a multifunctional agent, particularly for sunscreens. It acts as a solvent, which helps the other ingredients dissolve easily. It can also act as an SPF booster. Also, it increases the polarity of the product, which from the consumer's point of view is helpful in the performance of other sunscreen agents and product stability against the light. It is a C10 amide, so it has both the hydrophilic as well as a hydrophobic group in its structure. This is particularly useful in case of surfactant or emulsion stabilizer. It is mainly used as an emulsion stabilizer in particular situations wherein the emulsion has to be frozen first and then thawed.

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