Diethylhexyl malate


INCI: Diethylhexyl malate

What is Diethylhexyl malate?

Diethylhexyl malate is a diester of malic acid with 2-ethyl hexanol. It is a clear to yellowish liquid, with a characteristic odor.

Use & Benefits

It has an alkyl group, which is fatter soluble. It is, therefore, used as a skin conditioning agent. It forms a thin film over the skin and does not let the moisture escape. Moisture-rich skin is strong and smooth, which can fight infections and keep the aging-related problems at bay. It is also used as a viscosity builder in a product. It reduces tackiness and greasiness, lather creaminess, and non-oily feel. It is used in sun care, body café, facial care, antiperspirant, and deodorants.

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