Decyl oleate


INCI: Decyl oleate

What is Decyl oleate?

Decyl oleate is an ester of decanol (Decyl alcohol) and oleic acid. It comes as clear, yellow colored liquid.

Use & Benefits

Oleic acid is omega-9- fatty acid, found in various oils and seeds. It is a constituent of skin’s natural lipid barrier. So, when decyl oleate is used in any product, it forms an occlusive, but the nongreasy film on the surface of skin or hair. Thus, it works as a moisturizer in two ways, it provides oily nourishment as well as it prevents water loss from the surface of the skin. This property is particularly helpful in case of dry, rough skin problem. It also conditions the hair in a similar manner. It adds slip and shine to hair. It is used in facial moisturizer, anti-aging treatment, sunscreen, makeup, body moisturizers, hair conditioners, and aftershave products.

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